Flamer IV Charter Boat

Fishing Trips - Tackle | Tips | Techniques

On these pages you will find detailed drawings and explanations on the types and styles of fishing that we offer,

We will offer advice on what rods you should be using for each type of fishing together with advice on reels, main lines, terminal tackle and hook traces,

We will also explain what bait should be used and how to present that bait to the species we are targeting,

Finally we will discuss the best techniques for catching our chosen species.

These pages are intended to assist beginners and experienced anglers alike, beginners will benefit reading these sections so that when they embark on their first few trips, they will have at least a rudimentary understanding of what to expect, experienced anglers may pick up a few extra tips and tricks that could make a real difference for them.  

Different Species caught on Flamer IV in 2018 -  Dogfish, Conger Eel, Whiting, Spurdog, Pollack, Blonde Ray, Pout, Cuckoo Wrasse, Poor Cod, Thornback Ray, Bass, Undulate Ray, Starry Smooth Hound, Common Smooth Hound, Spotted Ray, Small Eyed Ray, Tub Gurnard, Turbot, Brill, 

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