Flamer IV Charter Boat

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Welcome to the Flamer IV Deep Sea Fishing Website

About The Skipper

colin.jpg Hi, My name is Colin Penny and I am the owner/skipper of Flamer IV, I look forward to welcoming you on board and seeing you having an enjoyable day and of course catching plenty of fish,

Many of my customers become good friends and take part in the inevitable leg pulling that frequently occurs when we get together, if you are of the same mindset you will surely enjoy a trip or two with us on the Flamer IV. It is very important to me that my customers have a really enjoyable day when fishing with me on the Flamer IV, I am a keen sea angler myself and still enjoy sea fishing, But, my main enjoyment is to see my anglers also having fun and catching fish.

Since becoming a full time skipper in 1995, I have won several awards and so have my anglers (listed below) winning one of these always gives me a real buzz.


2018 - The Weymouth Bream Competition - First place for the Biggest Bream which was caught on Flamer IV

2018 - The Chris Caines Memorial Biggest Shambles Bank caught Turbot Shield 

2017 - Top Skipper Award - Sea Angler Magazine

2017 - The Chris Caines Memorial Biggest Shambles Bank caught Turbot Shield 

2013 - Angling Trust Wessex Region Boat Championships Top Skipper

2010 - www.charterboats-uk.co.uk Charter Boat of the Year

2009 - Top Skipper Competition Winner - Sea Angler Magazine

2007 - Army Championships Top Boat

2007 - N.F.S.A Wessex Champion of Champions Top Boat

2006 - Army Championships Top Boat

2005 - YYS International Boat Challenge Top Boat (Runner Up)

2003 - Sea Angling News Charter Boat of the Year

2002 - YYS International Boat Challenge Top Boat

2001 - Sea Angler Magazine Skipper of the Month (May)

1998 - Improve your Sea Fishing Magazine VIP Skipper Award

About The Boat

Flamer BoatFlamer IV is an MCA registered charter boat, she was built by Tim Clark Boat Builders of Portland and finished to my precise specifications and launched in February 2011,

Flamer IV's hull is an Offshore Pro-Charter design, her vital statistics are; length: 39ft x width: 12ft 6 inches, she is powered by a 450 hp turbo charged CAT diesel engine and has a very good cruising speed of 14 knots,

The deck space of Flamer IV is laid out for the convenience of my angling passengers with plenty of seating for all and stowage areas for tackle boxes etc.

We also have extra storage in the forward fore peak area for your spare rods, clothing, lunch boxes etc.

Inside the wheelhouse we have more comfy seating and a kettle for our hot drinks -  Hot Drinks - Usually on the hot drinks menu are Tea,Coffee,Lemon Tea,Oxo and Lucky dip soup.

Bonus - On ocassions Mrs Penny bakes a cake for you to enjoy on Flamer IV.

About The Fishing

general sea fishing imageOver the years charter boat fishing has changed, in the early days the vast majority of bookings were for Whole Boat Charter, However times have changed and we now find that the majority of our bookings are tailored to cater for individual anglers looking for spaces on a boat, since I started catering for individual anglers I have built up a very large and regular following of individual anglers, this means if you are looking for a space or two on a trip, we should be able to fit you in on one of our scheduled sea fishing trips,

On the other hand if you prefer to have the boat at your exclusive disposal, we can also cater for this with our Whole Boat Charter package,


Down to the Sea Fishing then!

Here at Weymouth, we are extremely lucky to enjoy year round sea fishing and we have at our disposal a variety of different marks and areas to fish and these include a multitude of Reefs, Sandbanks and Wrecks that produce plenty of different species dependent on the time of year. 

Although we do all sorts of fishing, we have built up a good reputation in catching flatfish in particular with some very good catches of Turbot, Brill and Plaice, In fact we are often chartered to specifically target flatfish, you will see from our fishy pictures pages and our image gallery the quality of the flatfish that have been caught on the Flamer IV of Weymouth.

Some of the other species that we frequently catch on board the Flamer IV whilst sea fishing on Reefs and Sandbanks include: Rays, Black Bream, Brill, Turbot, Plaice, Conger eels, Tope, Cod, Bull Huss, Smooth hounds, Spurdogs, Gurnards, Whiting and Many Many more!

Whilst Wreck fishing we usually catch the following: Pollack, Cod, Ling, Bass and Conger Eels!

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Lucas Tolwinski 10Ib 8oz Bass Graham Broach 15Ib 13oz Turbot David Gibson 13Ib 4oz Turbot Rob Sands 9Ib 8oz Bass Two superb Turbot weighing 24Ib 8oz and 28Ib caught in one drift on the Shambles Bank Trevor Madden 10Ib personal best Brill John Patten 7lb 8oz Plaice Jon Trevett 6lb 2oz Plaice Dave Gibson 4lb Bream John Billet caught his PB Black Bream 4Ib 12oz Kevin Reay 24Ib 8oz Spurdog - New Flamer IV record Stephan Attwood 19Ib Starry Smooth Hound - New Flamer IV Record Dave Metcalf 20Ib Spurdog Andy Collings 20lb Spurdog Tim Norman with his PB Pollack 19Ib 5oz Phil Harrison 14Ib 3oz Pollack Gary Braund 27lb Ling Graham Gardner from Colchester with his Personal Best 26lb Cod Ian Slater 26lb 8oz Blonde Ray Jon Patten 19Ib 14ozUndulate Ray Andy Collings 18Ib 8oz Thornback Ray John Billett 15Ib 9oz Bull Huss Kevin Clark 2Ib 8oz John Dory Denise Youngs - Red Bandfish