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Weymouth Angling Breaks

A few days away fishing out of Weymouth along with the social side is a nice trip to do.The variety of fishing and the amount of different species caught at Weymouth is probably second to none.There are plenty of places to stay which are angler friendly and some excellent places to wine and dine around the harbour and in Weymouth Town centre.

If you want to try a Weymouth Angling Break then contact me, I cater for whole boat charters and individuals.

Planning your trip well in advance is essential you need to arrange your boat booking and your accommodation as early as possible to avoid disappointment, some of my regular groups plan their trips at least 12 months in advance, this allows them to discuss with me the best tides for the type of fishing they are targeting.

West Country Trips - "A Trip With a Difference"

Most of the West Country Trips that we do each year are of 4 & 5 days in duration, we will typically target a variety of marks including Wrecks, Reefs and Banks.

These trips will give you a taste of the deep sea fishing that is on offer in Dorset and Devon's coastal waters.

We cater for all groups, clubs and individuals but we do limit the numbers of anglers on these trips to a maximum of 9.

A typical trip of 5 days duration would be as follows:

On day one we will leave Weymouth and travel across Lyme Bay fishing the various Wrecks, Reefs and Banks along the way, when we have finished fishing we will enter the picturesque harbour of Dartmouth and tie up on our pontoon berth, from here you will disembark and make your way to your chosen accommodation.

Days 2 - 4 will typically be spent fishing inshore on the famous Skerries Bank which is renowned for its Plaice fishing and the various other Reefs and Banks and occasionally an inshore Wreck or two.

On our last day we will fish the various Wrecks, Reefs and Banks in Lyme Bay whilst we travel back to Weymouth, on arrival in Weymouth I will present the trophies for the most species, best flatfish and best fish etc. that our anglers have been competing for over the duration of the trip.

One of the best features of these trips is the social side and the friendships that are built up between the anglers who are involved, many of these anglers will return year after year, as the old saying goes "Once Bitten..."

The species that we encounter during these trips include but are not limited to: Plaice, Pollack, Cod, Ling, Conger Eels, Rays, Bass, Bull Huss, Gurnards, Whiting and many many more..

If you are interested in doing a trip with a difference please contact me for full details.

Dodgey Dave holding a Pollack he caught on a West Country Trip Ian Nash 17lb 10oz Cod Peter Gillett 4Ib 12oz Plaice Rick Hawkins 19Ib 4oz Blonde Ray Reg Phillips 7Ib 8oz Brill Peter Gillett - Double shot of Small Eyed Rays Trevor Pegg 2Ib 8oz Black Bream Dodgey Dave Barton 21Ib Tope Glenn Barrett 2Ib 12oz Black Bream Glenn Barrett 4Ib 2oz Plaice Stephan Attwood 12lb Turbot Stephan 12lb Undulate Ray Trevor Pegg 15Ib 1oz Ling Petyer Gillett - Golden Grey Mullett