Flamer IV Charter Boat

Fishy Pictures

Below is a small sample of some of the species of fish that we regularly catch on the Flamer IV,

If you fancy getting in on the action, call me on 07968 972736 or, send me an email using this contact form.

Your Photo's

I am always happy to take a photo of you with your catch and if you give me your email address, I will even send it to you as a memento of your day with me on the Flamer IV of Weymouth.

If your fish is worthy, I will also send a report and the picture to the angling press, ALL PART OF THE SERVICE!

Two superb Turbot weighing 24Ib 8oz and 28Ib caught in one drift on the Shambles Bank Russell Salmon with a fine 10Ib 8oz Turbot caught on the Shambles Bank Trevor Madden holding his first ever and now Personal Best 10Ib Brill Jon Trevett 6lb 2oz Plaice John Norman 6lb Plaice Dave Potts with his 5Ib Brill caught on the Shambles Bank Mark Towner landed a 14Ib Pollack while drifting a wreck Tim Norman with his PB Pollack 19Ib 5oz Peter Gillett alias Shrek holding a 15Ib Pollack he caught while drifting a wreck Frank Sapsford with the 14Ib pollack he caught on a red gill lure Phil Harrison holding a fine winter Pollack weighing 16Ib Ian from Leighton Buzzard holding up his 15Ib Pollack Steve Lysaught with a Ling he caught on a West Country Trip Dodgey Dave holding a Pollack he caught on a West Country Trip Dave Jenkins with a Cod he caught on a West Country Trip Martin a member of the St Helens SAC holding a 20Ib Ling Tracey Robertson holding up a 15Ib Cod she caught on a wreck Steve Wells with his 19Ib 8oz Cod caught on the Adamant Bank Rob Burgin with the 9Ib Bass he caught on the Shambles Bank Russell Salmon with his Personal Best 2Ib 15oz Black Bream Mel Jones with a fine Summer Black Bream weighing 3Ib 4oz Dave Metcalf holding a 17Ib Spurdog Martin holding a 6Ib Bass he caught drifting the Portland Race Steve landed this Bass while drifting the Portland Race Emma Walker holding up a Pollack she caught on her first ever sea fishing trip Andy Collings with a Red Band Fish John Patten 7lb 8oz Plaice Jon Patten 19Ib 14ozUndulate Ray Andy Collings caught his first ever John Dory Mick Nunn 19Ib Undulate Ray