Flamer IV Charter Boat

Latest Catches

Below is a Gallery showing some of our latest catches which will be updated on a regular basis.

If you catch a nice fish, it will not only appear here but I will send it to the angling press and post it on my other websites.

Mark Cooper 14Ib 8oz Undulate Ray Wayne Hobbs 13Ib 12oz Undulate Ray Mark Cooper 13Ib 8oz Undulate Ray Mark Cooper 10Ib 2oz Undulate Ray Paul Costello 10Ib Thornback Ray David Hewitt 15Ib Undulate Ray Russell Salmon 14Ib 8oz Blonde Ray James Smith 10Ib 8oz Undulate Ray James Smith 6Ib 8oz Small Eyed Ray Russell 6Ib Small Eyed Ray Steve Wells 3Ib 12oz Black Bream Mathew Mylan 4Ib 5oz Turbot Lee Warlow 5Ib Turbot Zac 4Ib 8oz Turbot Lee Warlow 10Ib Undulate Ray Lee  Warlow 7Ib Small Eyed Ray Reg Phillips 8Ib Bass