Flamer IV Charter Boat

Latest Catches

Below is a Gallery showing some of our latest catches which will be updated on a regular basis.

If you catch a nice fish, it will not only appear here but I will send it to the angling press and post it on my other websites.

Greg Bate 12Ib Undulate Ray Ian Nash 5Ib Bass Phil Arnott - Red Band Fish Phil Arnott 3Ib Brill Phil Arnott 4Ib Spotted Ray Mick Nunn 13Ib Blonde Ray Gary Collins 17Ib 8oz Blonde Ray Steve Edwards 14Ib 8oz Blonde Ray Phil Arnott 14Ib Blonde Ray Greg Bate 13Ib 8oz Blonde Ray Mark Slater 15Ib 8oz Blonde Ray Mark Slater 14Ib 8oz Blonde Ray Mark Slater 3Ib Brill Mark Slater 14Ib Blonde Ray Mark Preston 12Ib Blonde Ray Martin Closs 11Ib Blonde Ray Stephan Attwood 3Ib Plaice Peter Minns 19Ib Blonde Ray Kevin Clark 2Ib 8oz John Dory Rick Hawkins 19Ib 4oz Blonde Ray