Flamer IV Charter Boat

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Every year Flamer IV does several competitions, some are annual events, some are one off competitions. With Trophies,Prizes etc to be won.

All competitions are "Two Hook" maximum

2018 Competition Dates -

June 21st - Flamer IV 12 hour Species/Hunt 30 species Challange

July 7th - Flamer IV Plaice Competition

July 18th - Flamer IV Flat Fish Competition

July 19th -  Flamer IV v Top Cat III annual Plaice Competition

July 27th - Weymouth Turbot and Brill Competition

August 20th,21st,22nd - Weymouth Conger Festival

August 27th - Flamer IV Bream Competition

September 12th - the "Old Gits Competition" - Age 60 and over

October 5th - Annual 1 Day Species /Hunt/Competition

October 6th and 7th - Annual 2 Day Species Hunt/Competition

Flamer IV Festival Trophy awarded to the top scoring angler who fishes all three days - October 5th, 6th,7th

October 23rd - Annual 3 boat competition - Flamer IV v Meerkat v Supanova II,This year it is for Big Wrasse

October 25th - Weymouth Bream Competition

October 26th - Flamer IV v Supanova II annual Flat Fish Competition

December 30th - Winter Reef/Bank/Species Competition

NOTE: The Chris Caines Memorial Biggest Shambles Bank caught Turbot Shield and trophy are there to be won up until September 22nd.

 The Flamer IV Species Specimen League dates are February 18th, March 11th, April 22nd, May 5th, June 17th, July 28th and 29th, August 18th and 19th, September 29th, December 9th. New members welcome, Contact me A.S.A.P. to join.

NOTE: The Flamer IV Fish of the Month Competition is there to enter your best catch with the monthly winner prizes again being sponsored by SAKUMA.

2019  Competition Dates - 

March 8th - Weymouth Pollack Competition (Wrecking Trip)

March 9th - Flamer IV Red Gill lure Competition (Wrecking Trip)

May 1st -  Flamer IV v Meerkat annual Flat Fish Competition

May 2nd -  Flamer IV v Supanova II annual Flat Fish Competition

May 3rd - Weymouth Turbot and Brill Competition

October 18th - Weymouth Bream Competition 

Other dates to be announced soon.